All about Rasmus "Gylla" Gyllenberg

Gylla started shooting pistol in 2005 during his training at the Policeacademy and began competing in IPSC shooting 2007. He has already managed to establish himself as a top shooter in the world. Already in 2008 he won the championship for the police and has since won all the championships for police officers.

Gylla competing for the Gothenburg Police Department and has won the Nordic Championship in the last three years, most recently with more than 10% margin. In 2011 he also won the World Police & Fire Games in New York (USPSA rules). At the IPSC World Shoot 2011 Gylla finnished on a 11th place in the production division.


Pistol: Gylla compete with a SP01 Shadow from his sponsor: CZ – a Czech arms companies. This is a very well-suited gun to shoot IPSC production with - has a nice recoil absorption and a good trigger pressure. It is a very well made gun having an original-mounted fiber optic frontsight, supporting the eye to quickly find it, and with an extended thumb saftey, also serving as thumb rest for improved recoil control.

Holster: Gylla uses a race holster, made by Ghost, that has all the adjustment options you could want from a holster.

Personal records

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World Police Champion, USPSA
Nordic Champion, IPSC production
Overall rifle winner, SweDen Cup
Swedish Police Champion
IPSC World Shoot, 11:a
Nordic Rifle Championship, 6:a
Nordic Champion, IPSC production
Swedish Champion, IPSC production
Overall winner, SweDen Cup
Swedish Police Champion
Overall winner, SweDen Cup
Swedish Police Champion



Gylla is sponsored by CZ and using a SP01 Shadow.

He is also a member of theirs top shooters

cz action